Faces of strangers.

I find photos of people whose faces I like.
Then I draw them.


Something like a model sheet.


PS. HA, I just realized she's the same color as the blog header right now.


Sans boots,

she walks. She lives!

(Walk cycle for Scott Wright's splendorously scintillating 2D animation course.
First try at Flash, and I like it more than I thought I would.)



Margins-of-notes doodles.

Toolin' around in photoshop. I need to paint from reference more because these skin tones are deplorably flat & bland.


Hello, Corentine!

She's a force to be reckoned with, knee-high boots and harlot makeup. She and Pyry are very close.
Made with photoshop, and a brush a friend gave me.

(This isn't really Corentine's introduction because she was in some of the doodles in that other post. Colors aren't final, but I'm thinking of WARM, PASSIONATE reds and oranges for Corentine, and cool, reserved blues & greens for ol' Pyry.)



So many of us, so many of us.

Flickr is dumb and resizes things it ought not.
(Why you do that, flickr?)



None too happy with it, but here it is.


Hello, Pyry!

Some little sketches of
one of two boot-wearing charmers to be featured in my first year film,
first in slouchy posture and then straightlaced.
His name is Pyry.


A boy, a girl.

Would like to draw something unrelated to homework at least once a day,
even if it turns out silly.



I enjoyed this assignment because all the file names include the word "sack."


Many iterations

of my face.
Color & Design.

(Inside a Cheez-its box.)

(Not so good.)

(Even less good.)

(This one's better.)

(Gelatinous green giant.)

The end.


School is cool.

In character animation (taught by the esteemed Scott Wright & one of my favorite classes), we started with the basics--bouncing ball in place, bouncing ball across the page, waving flag, a pendulum--and then in the last two weeks we did these assignments. They're finally almost interesting-looking enough to post? So here you go.

box fold


Visiting artists/guest lecturers/cool people I have met since the school year began, in order of appearance:
2. John Kahrs
3. Mark Andrews
4. Jeffrey Katzenberg
5. Shane Prigmore
6. Shannon Tindle
7. Bill Plympton



Xacto + human suffering = paper cutout.

Click to see in full detail the scraps of paper I destroyed my hand over.
The original is 45 x 12 inches.


And some character design.

This class is fun!
But Rik Maki hasn't handed back any of the designs we've turned in, so I can't post past assignments yet.
Here is what I'm turning in tomorrow. Pirate babes!

Hey, I am at CalArts.

Color and design. We haven't actually learned overmuch about color or design, but it's sort of a fun class for exhibitionists because all we do is "critique" (ie: compliment) each other's work for three hours a week.

The teacher is really rad, though. She screens the best films at the end of class, and she wears cool boots and scarves.

Week one: patterns in nature! I used almonds. There is a third piece that is not up to standards for this blog (how terrible is it that I turned work in to a college-level teacher that I wouldn't even post on this dumb ol' blog?).

Week two: image analysis. I was doing it wrong and then Sassy Jacob informed me that I was doing it wrong, so I did another painting. Notice the complete disregard for proportion and composition--it's nice, right? (By nice, I mean disgraceful.)
There are two more parts to this assignment, but they are silly and therefore classified.

Week three: negative space. I drew chairs and Classy Jason's legs.      

Week four: anthropomorphizing objects to create characters. I'm already in a character design class (with the vitriolic Rik Maki as my teacher), but Brooke decided to give an assignment on character design anyway. I drew a sad house, a sleazy motel lamp, and a contented sofa.


PS. This was a really big post!!
PPS. My roommate, cubemate, and CSSSAmate is Hallie! She's wondrous.
PPPS. How many more classmates can I namedrop in this post? The answer is: a lot, but I'm not going to. Maybe next time!


In a moment of cynicism, I wrote the following.

"Blah hoobity blar blar hawww blar blooh blah blah blah. Heeby blar blooby dooby doodle daw blabby widdle. Baw baw baw blooby blabby wabby woo. Deedle dee daw. Diddle weedle waw waahh haw haw blah blay blar blabby. Diddee widdee wooo blag blaw."
(EDIT: Actually, I wrote something much more angsty and nonsensical. It was too much, so I had to replace it with this.)

Then I was like, SILLY CHARLOTTE. There is a lot more to life than fame and fortune! For example, even if you are up to your irises in debt and a loser nobody in "the art world," you can always draw stupid comics containing approximately four trillion continuity errors (see the following).

Episode Two!! Introducing Protozoa. I wish I were friends with her.

PS. When I am feeling glum, I jump around in my room to songs like the above. It usually makes me feel a lot better.


Remember when I promised..?

Critter, Anorexica, & Teach--those three characters I so loftily boasted about featuring in an upcoming project--actually did make their way into a little comic thing back in May. I'm not sure why, but I never posted it here.

I had big big plans for making other episodes but I haven't gotten around to it yet. You know how that goes.
Next episode will feature less-boring panels and cleverer dialogue, so stay tuned!



Hey, little sister.

Your eye's all lopsided.
(Audrey, you're the best model. I just draw you ugly because I am a horrible artist.)

PS. CalArts, why didn't you tell me that setting up a CalArts email account was Really Really Important?! Now I only have ten days to finish online registration and I don't have a CalArts email and everybody I've called and emailed hasn't responded yet askjflksjdfkjbklnllnnl.


Oh, neglected blog.

I feel bad not posting, but I also feel bad posting the drawrins that are already on my deviantart account, but I also feel bad posting things only on blogger, and all of this ends up creating a lot of angst and anxiety and stress in my life.
(Not really. I am just too lazy to write posts.)

Aaanyway. Here are 94498798745 drawings which you may or may not have seen before.
Have I mentioned that I'm in an awful rut right now and can't draw anything without agonizing over what others will think of it? It's horrible & I wish I could just draw again. It's making everything I touch turn to ugly.

(I just got my wisdom teeth out five days ago. I yearn for a veggie burrito or maybe just some chips.)

Don't you love how all the thumbnails are different widths and look really sloppy and gross? I love not trying very hard when I upload pictures to blogger!

PS. Aras;kr;lsgkldfrrrrrgglkelkflkdlbbb.


That was embarrassing.

I figured I'd try to balance out the geekery of the last post* with some badassery in this one.


*It was.. too much. I had to just delete it. It made me weep shamefacedly every time I saw it.


RIP Sketchbuddy Alejandro.

Okay, not actually RIP. HFIM (have fun in Mexico)?

Aw man. My best buddy from art class is moving back to Mexico and I probably will NEVER EVER see him after today. /melodrama
He's gonna be a senior this upcoming schoolyear, and I'd been looking forward to visiting my old high school and see his charming little fro and quirky sketches from time to time. But no, he has to move to another country (admittedly a very nearby country) for his last year of high school.
I am so sssssad.

So anyway, I drew him the above portrait so he would not forget what fun times we had in Ms. Hill's class. The self-portrait half is hideous and malformed and encapsulates my personality but not so much my likeness (hurhur). And the Alejandro half... does not fully represent his Mexican glory. Aw MAN, and here I thought I was like good at art and stuff.

Anyway. HFIM Alejandro!


I forgot I had a blog.

Oh, I told you I was bad at remembering to update this sort of thing.
Anyway, I like money but I do not have very much of it, so I made some things to sell in my etsy store.


Pinback buttons! Each one is hand-drawn and hand-assembled, a leetle tiny original illustration for you to wear on your shirt/bag/underpants/whatever.
(I feel cheap and somewhat like a used car salesman for trying to promote my online shoppity shop via an allegedly not-for-profit blog, but what can you do? Also, try not to look at the ugly shoes I made two years ago that I am trying to get rid of via etsy. They're quite tacky.)

In other news, I am going to Salt Lake City with my grandma. No, I am not Mormon, nor do I ever plan to be, but she just felt like taking me on a vacation to Salt Lake City.
I am excited to go there because of SLC Punk! And by coincidence, I have blue hair at the moment.


Anorexika, Critter, and Teach.

Need a more creative title than their names. Will ponder such.

You! Expect to see more of these people because they're the stars of my latest longish-term project. Also, apologies for the confusing tangle of limbs that is the right half of the image. It may or may not make more sense once you see more drawings of these folks.