I'm a real mature high school kid with real mature high school problems.

Mainly that I take myself too seriously sometimes.

I need more friends! Nowadays, instead of having fun, I sit at home and draw people having fun. Which is fun too, but not the same as going out and being around other humans who can talk to you and stuff.

Oh well. At least now I might have the time to post stuff semi-frequently on a blog! Oooh, that's much better than having friends anyway.


My old blog was boring.

But some irrational little voice in the back of my head prevented me from just overhauling it, so here's a brand new blog for your viewing pleasures.

I hope this one is more interesting/I actually update it. I'll try for once a week.
For now, here's the first doodle of the new blog, entitled "I like older men."

PS. It's not summer yet but you should listen to El Guincho anyway! Kalise is a particularly enjoyable song.