My old blog was boring.

But some irrational little voice in the back of my head prevented me from just overhauling it, so here's a brand new blog for your viewing pleasures.

I hope this one is more interesting/I actually update it. I'll try for once a week.
For now, here's the first doodle of the new blog, entitled "I like older men."

PS. It's not summer yet but you should listen to El Guincho anyway! Kalise is a particularly enjoyable song.


Brett W. Thompson said...

Cuuuute drawing!!! And congrats on CalArts :D

Matthew Thomas Seely said...

Nice blog yous got here. LOVE this drawing. Dig your style girl.

Matthew Thomas Seely said...

Oh, I meant to ask,

Is this pen and paper or digital magic?

Charlotte said...

Thankee kindly, sirs!

This is digital, done with openCanvas & a tablet. But I also like to employ this style while doodling on my teachers' whiteboards at school.