So yesterday, Kress called to tell me that I was awarded an $80,000 scholarship to go to CCA. I like CalArts more, but that is so much money. Man, all my plans--now I have to think. Think think think.
This is stressful. I love CalArts. Hargablargablarga.

PS. Can I submit a new portfolio to CalArts for merit scholarship consideration, or is it too late/are they just gonna use the portfolio I sent them in December? 'Cause man, that thing is uuugly, and I want to give them my latest sketchbook instead.



On Thursday, the most delightful piece of mail in the universe arrived in my mailbox: a brightly-patterned acceptance letter from the California Institute of the Arts! Well, now that that's settled, I can stop having nightmares. Whew! Have some sketchery:

Mother & son from the future.


Palehorse and Larva.

Something different. I started getting stuck in that other style and had to get out QUICK.

Palehorse is the one on the left, Larva on the right. You could tell, right?