On Thursday, the most delightful piece of mail in the universe arrived in my mailbox: a brightly-patterned acceptance letter from the California Institute of the Arts! Well, now that that's settled, I can stop having nightmares. Whew! Have some sketchery:

Mother & son from the future.


tiffany ford said...

hi, charlotte!!
CONGRATS on getting in! your stuff looks really killer - can't wait to meet you! :D

i think many people's blogs are dead right now, since it's film season and all :'( but i'll try harder to update! pinky promise!

thanks so much for caring! AND CONGRATULATIONS, AGAINNNN!!!

Charlotte said...

Haha, thank you. I hope we get to meet! Now there is some uncertainty if I will go to CalArts or CCA, but I love CalArts morrre.

Anyway, I totally understand. Good luck with your film! I'm looking forward to monkey boys in beanies.

You're welcome & THANKS AGAIN. Hooray!