So yesterday, Kress called to tell me that I was awarded an $80,000 scholarship to go to CCA. I like CalArts more, but that is so much money. Man, all my plans--now I have to think. Think think think.
This is stressful. I love CalArts. Hargablargablarga.

PS. Can I submit a new portfolio to CalArts for merit scholarship consideration, or is it too late/are they just gonna use the portfolio I sent them in December? 'Cause man, that thing is uuugly, and I want to give them my latest sketchbook instead.


Sean said...

Hey Charlotte,

Congratulations both on the scholarship and Calarts. I live two blocks away from CCA's Oakland campus, and have met a couple of animators that seem to be pretty happy (one of them was a CSSSA student from the year before you, so I imagine he had a similar dilemma of Calarts vs. Everywhere Else). I haven't seen any of the student work, so I can't vouch for quality, but the campus is pretty!

Matthew Thomas Seely said...

Take the money and RUN!

Charlotte said...

Thanks, Sean! I've seen some photos of the campus and it does look pretty splendorous. Hmm, this may be a bit much to ask, but is there any way you could put me in contact with those CCA animator buds of yours? I would really like to ask them some qvestions about the program.


& Mr. Sexysexybicycle, if I could run all the way to CalArts with the money, it would already be done.

Sean said...

Yes, maybe send your email address to seanbuckelew@gmail.com and I can send it to the guy I know the best? Also keep in mind that I am someone who really wanted to go to Calarts, ended up going somewhere else, and had a really great experience, much better than I imagine my experience at Calarts might have been (not to say Calarts doesn't have a great program, but I think I realized going somewhere else that it wasn't necessarily the thing I was interested in the most, just the one that I had heard the most about, and was relevant to the type of animation that I was interested in when there is a large world of animation out there). Just thoughts, I think you'll do well anywhere you decide!