Anorexika, Critter, and Teach.

Need a more creative title than their names. Will ponder such.

You! Expect to see more of these people because they're the stars of my latest longish-term project. Also, apologies for the confusing tangle of limbs that is the right half of the image. It may or may not make more sense once you see more drawings of these folks.


So I have this idea.

I want to scan every single page in my sketchbook and then put all the images into one flickr slideshow so it's like you're flipping through my sketchbook through the internet. Revolutionary, I know!

Here is one half of one page from my current sketchbook:
A lopsided and unibrowed man!
A quick/unfinished ballpoint sketch of a girl from Haiti named Fabiola!


The yellow-shirted misanthrope.

Just a sketch.

I'm really bad at this whole "regularly-updated blog" thing.
Also, I saw a most spectacular human at the grocery store today (while getting tofu to make dairy-free whipped "cream," ohoho I am so cool). He was ridiculously tall and had faded pink hair and a denim jacket with a patch sewn on the back that had a picture of Frederick Douglass on it. Also, he wasn't buying anything, just eating the free samples of pita chips and hummus.