The yellow-shirted misanthrope.

Just a sketch.

I'm really bad at this whole "regularly-updated blog" thing.
Also, I saw a most spectacular human at the grocery store today (while getting tofu to make dairy-free whipped "cream," ohoho I am so cool). He was ridiculously tall and had faded pink hair and a denim jacket with a patch sewn on the back that had a picture of Frederick Douglass on it. Also, he wasn't buying anything, just eating the free samples of pita chips and hummus.


JON said...

Hey! I really dig your artwork!

lsposto said...

Hummus is good. I like hummus.

Tofu too.

Maybe pink hair is a reoccurring theme of GENIUS. I should dye my hair pink. Except I've made about five stupid typos while writing the past sentence so I don't think I'm qualified enough to have pink hair. Drat.

Eddie Mendoza said...

i love free samples! and how do you get your digital lines so cleaaaan

Charlotte said...

Thanks, Jon!

Hey, Liana! I used to have pink hair, but now it is maroon. I'm not a genius anymore, sniffle.
But you should dye your hair! It's fun.

Eddie, free samples are the best.
Digital lines = openCanvas(one of the old versions) + Intuos4 + pressure sensitivityyyy. Ooh, drawing in openCanvas is kind of like painting with a stick of butter (except less greasy and disgusting).
So, I dunno. Thanks!