That was embarrassing.

I figured I'd try to balance out the geekery of the last post* with some badassery in this one.


*It was.. too much. I had to just delete it. It made me weep shamefacedly every time I saw it.


RIP Sketchbuddy Alejandro.

Okay, not actually RIP. HFIM (have fun in Mexico)?

Aw man. My best buddy from art class is moving back to Mexico and I probably will NEVER EVER see him after today. /melodrama
He's gonna be a senior this upcoming schoolyear, and I'd been looking forward to visiting my old high school and see his charming little fro and quirky sketches from time to time. But no, he has to move to another country (admittedly a very nearby country) for his last year of high school.
I am so sssssad.

So anyway, I drew him the above portrait so he would not forget what fun times we had in Ms. Hill's class. The self-portrait half is hideous and malformed and encapsulates my personality but not so much my likeness (hurhur). And the Alejandro half... does not fully represent his Mexican glory. Aw MAN, and here I thought I was like good at art and stuff.

Anyway. HFIM Alejandro!