Remember when I promised..?

Critter, Anorexica, & Teach--those three characters I so loftily boasted about featuring in an upcoming project--actually did make their way into a little comic thing back in May. I'm not sure why, but I never posted it here.

I had big big plans for making other episodes but I haven't gotten around to it yet. You know how that goes.
Next episode will feature less-boring panels and cleverer dialogue, so stay tuned!



Hey, little sister.

Your eye's all lopsided.
(Audrey, you're the best model. I just draw you ugly because I am a horrible artist.)

PS. CalArts, why didn't you tell me that setting up a CalArts email account was Really Really Important?! Now I only have ten days to finish online registration and I don't have a CalArts email and everybody I've called and emailed hasn't responded yet askjflksjdfkjbklnllnnl.


Oh, neglected blog.

I feel bad not posting, but I also feel bad posting the drawrins that are already on my deviantart account, but I also feel bad posting things only on blogger, and all of this ends up creating a lot of angst and anxiety and stress in my life.
(Not really. I am just too lazy to write posts.)

Aaanyway. Here are 94498798745 drawings which you may or may not have seen before.
Have I mentioned that I'm in an awful rut right now and can't draw anything without agonizing over what others will think of it? It's horrible & I wish I could just draw again. It's making everything I touch turn to ugly.

(I just got my wisdom teeth out five days ago. I yearn for a veggie burrito or maybe just some chips.)

Don't you love how all the thumbnails are different widths and look really sloppy and gross? I love not trying very hard when I upload pictures to blogger!

PS. Aras;kr;lsgkldfrrrrrgglkelkflkdlbbb.