Oh, neglected blog.

I feel bad not posting, but I also feel bad posting the drawrins that are already on my deviantart account, but I also feel bad posting things only on blogger, and all of this ends up creating a lot of angst and anxiety and stress in my life.
(Not really. I am just too lazy to write posts.)

Aaanyway. Here are 94498798745 drawings which you may or may not have seen before.
Have I mentioned that I'm in an awful rut right now and can't draw anything without agonizing over what others will think of it? It's horrible & I wish I could just draw again. It's making everything I touch turn to ugly.

(I just got my wisdom teeth out five days ago. I yearn for a veggie burrito or maybe just some chips.)

Don't you love how all the thumbnails are different widths and look really sloppy and gross? I love not trying very hard when I upload pictures to blogger!

PS. Aras;kr;lsgkldfrrrrrgglkelkflkdlbbb.


Michael Piazza said...

I feel yo angst! The internet sorta gets me in a funk at times where I feel like I'm drawing for other people. Pretty soon though, we'll have to draw so much that it won't matter who we're doing it for and hopefully that will be artistically liberating! Or something.

Digging the minimalist use of white pastel on the first two also.

Charlotte said...

Quite true! It's only a matter of time until we're working our fingers into raw, bloody stumps over gouache paintings and frame after frame after frame of animation.


& thanks! It's actually just colored pencil.