In a moment of cynicism, I wrote the following.

"Blah hoobity blar blar hawww blar blooh blah blah blah. Heeby blar blooby dooby doodle daw blabby widdle. Baw baw baw blooby blabby wabby woo. Deedle dee daw. Diddle weedle waw waahh haw haw blah blay blar blabby. Diddee widdee wooo blag blaw."
(EDIT: Actually, I wrote something much more angsty and nonsensical. It was too much, so I had to replace it with this.)

Then I was like, SILLY CHARLOTTE. There is a lot more to life than fame and fortune! For example, even if you are up to your irises in debt and a loser nobody in "the art world," you can always draw stupid comics containing approximately four trillion continuity errors (see the following).

Episode Two!! Introducing Protozoa. I wish I were friends with her.

PS. When I am feeling glum, I jump around in my room to songs like the above. It usually makes me feel a lot better.


lsposto said...

'Atta boy!

Ricky Cometa said...

hey charolett! awesome web comic, i can't wait to see happens next, and your blog kicks ass! it'll be awesome to see what you produce in the years to come!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your blog! i just recently found it through stuff about calarts and now it's my home page. keep up the awesome work!

Charlotte said...

Thanks, anonymous reader! That is very flattering.
I hope you like what you seeeee!