Xacto + human suffering = paper cutout.

Click to see in full detail the scraps of paper I destroyed my hand over.
The original is 45 x 12 inches.


And some character design.

This class is fun!
But Rik Maki hasn't handed back any of the designs we've turned in, so I can't post past assignments yet.
Here is what I'm turning in tomorrow. Pirate babes!

Hey, I am at CalArts.

Color and design. We haven't actually learned overmuch about color or design, but it's sort of a fun class for exhibitionists because all we do is "critique" (ie: compliment) each other's work for three hours a week.

The teacher is really rad, though. She screens the best films at the end of class, and she wears cool boots and scarves.

Week one: patterns in nature! I used almonds. There is a third piece that is not up to standards for this blog (how terrible is it that I turned work in to a college-level teacher that I wouldn't even post on this dumb ol' blog?).

Week two: image analysis. I was doing it wrong and then Sassy Jacob informed me that I was doing it wrong, so I did another painting. Notice the complete disregard for proportion and composition--it's nice, right? (By nice, I mean disgraceful.)
There are two more parts to this assignment, but they are silly and therefore classified.

Week three: negative space. I drew chairs and Classy Jason's legs.      

Week four: anthropomorphizing objects to create characters. I'm already in a character design class (with the vitriolic Rik Maki as my teacher), but Brooke decided to give an assignment on character design anyway. I drew a sad house, a sleazy motel lamp, and a contented sofa.


PS. This was a really big post!!
PPS. My roommate, cubemate, and CSSSAmate is Hallie! She's wondrous.
PPPS. How many more classmates can I namedrop in this post? The answer is: a lot, but I'm not going to. Maybe next time!