School is cool.

In character animation (taught by the esteemed Scott Wright & one of my favorite classes), we started with the basics--bouncing ball in place, bouncing ball across the page, waving flag, a pendulum--and then in the last two weeks we did these assignments. They're finally almost interesting-looking enough to post? So here you go.

box fold


Visiting artists/guest lecturers/cool people I have met since the school year began, in order of appearance:
2. John Kahrs
3. Mark Andrews
4. Jeffrey Katzenberg
5. Shane Prigmore
6. Shannon Tindle
7. Bill Plympton



Ricky Cometa said...

:o dawww shucks, i'm number one? your very sweet.. is this also in order of awesomeness too? teehee! anyway, you always produce great work, KEEEP IT UPP!

love the woman-boat-wave!

lsposto said...

You made my night.

Satisfying box-lid and gleeful water wave.

A good "GWEEE" is in order. Thus: GWEEE.