Another cute model,
another good day in life drawing class.

(Of course you cannot see it because of the scanner,
but all of the pink parts are glittery gel pen ink.)


Graphite is GREAT.

Since coming to CalArts, I'm pretty sure my figure drawing skills have actually declined. But today was a decent day and the model was really cool and had a nice butt, so! I was inspired.
Here are some of the things I drew.

five minutes!

ten minutes!

five...? not sure.

one minute gestures.

All Ticonderoga pencil on printer paper! I'm rediscovering a love for classic/cheap art supplies.


Portfolio time!

Hey! It's portfolio day.

Also, my two favorite things from my portfolio are model sheets for Critter and Anorexika. Revisiting Toothier Grin makes me realize how ugly the layouts in the comics are. Layouts have never been my strong suit!
But this just makes me want to make new Toothier Grin episodes. Stay tuned, I guess!