So much paisley.

In Lisa Keene's visual development class, our job this semester was to reinterpret and design the story of Hansel & Gretel from the ground up. I chose to give it some mystic hippies/'60s-counterculture flavor, with Hansel & Gretel as free-loving flower children and the evil witch as an overbearingly conservative 1950s housewife. These are character design doodles for Hansel & Gretel.

PS. I almost titled this post "Hippie Hansel and Groovy Gretel," but that would be TOO SILLY.


Sweet Savage Love

First year film!
Man, this year went by too fast. We only have a couple more weeks of hanging out here at CalArts, and then it's summer. I am going to be so sad/bored/well-rested for those long three months.