If there's one thing portfolio day is good for, it's making you rediscover how much more there is to learn. Classmates here are very talented people!

So here is my first attempt in a while at
1. an environment
2. furniture
3. interesting lighting

(Naked lady added for good measure/so I wouldn't get bored of drawing.)
I don't know how well it went, but I'm gonna try to do things like this a little more often.

Special thanks to Kat & Melanie for assistance with the booby anatomy.


what am i doing?

To do: write a paper by tomorrow night, put together a portfolio by next Tuesday, and make a film by April 23rd.

Today, I: wallowed in self-pity, made my cube a disgusting mess, drank a lot of tea, lamented the existence of pimples, contemplated my potentially jobless future, listened to Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, accidentally deleted the brushes I made for my film backgrounds, and drew these. My current outlook on life is bleak.

We Have Mice by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone on Grooveshark


Oh my god, she's naked!!

GIFs will make me popular and cool!

& non-GIF format.


Goddamn flies in the park.

In an ideal world, every frame of my film would pretty much look like this.
In reality, I've procrastinated so hard that I will probably wear my fingers down to bloody nubs trying to finish my film in the next seven weeks.