what am i doing?

To do: write a paper by tomorrow night, put together a portfolio by next Tuesday, and make a film by April 23rd.

Today, I: wallowed in self-pity, made my cube a disgusting mess, drank a lot of tea, lamented the existence of pimples, contemplated my potentially jobless future, listened to Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, accidentally deleted the brushes I made for my film backgrounds, and drew these. My current outlook on life is bleak.

We Have Mice by Casiotone For The Painfully Alone on Grooveshark


Nicole Rojo-Vega said...

Charlotte, you have absolutely no reason to feel like this. You are a fantastic human being, and extremely talented to boot. We all have our bad days, and crunch time makes those painful x10, but be confident that as long as you keep your chin up, things will be okay.
We're all bound to get jobs SOMEWHERE, I mean we're at CalArts. I know all the pressure and seeing so many great things from like, everyone else swallows up any kind of self esteem we might have scrounged up, but just remember how awesome we have it, and how fun it is being with everyone! This is the time! This is the place! And we're all together 'cause we're all pretty cool :)

Now do me a favor and please listen to this.

Charlotte said...

Aw Nicky, you're so sweet. Thanks for the words of encouragement--you're totally right. I don't have the best reasoning skills after all-nighters in the labs or in my cubicle.

Also that song is so catchy!! Adding that to my animation playlist.