They're spooky and they're kooky.

Addams family designs with fancy-pants cleanup and colors!

Here were the first attempts, which I didn't really like much. But those lines were more fun to do. Brushpens have made me weak--when there's no room for weird wigglies and varied line weight, my hand starts to cramp up.


Melanie Atwater said...

I LOVE THESE. lurch. good god.

Craig Knowles said...

WOW! So much new cool stuff for my eyes to gorge at. Lovin it all! So busy at work lately my internet life has become none existent. Brilliant work Charlotte. Cannot wait to see more.

Charlotte said...


oh craig, i'm finally finishing up my half of that art trade from like, 6 months ago! i'll let you know as soon as i'm done!!

nicolette WOOD said...

These are really great! i love how to played with scale and proportions! Great job!